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Zuul crurivastator is a recently described genus of ankylosaur found in Montana, so-named because of its resemblance to the Ghostbusters demigod Zuul.

It is one of the most complete dinosaurs yet, with preserved skin, spike sheaths, and even its armor arrangement intact. It is also the first ankylosaur found with both head and tail on the same skeleton.


It's generic name, 'Zuul', comes from the fictional monster of the same name, from the 1984 film, Ghostbusters. It's specific name 'crurivastator', comes from the Latin words 'Crus' translating to shin, and 'Vastator', translating to destroyer, in reference to its sledge hammer-like tail, so the name translates to "Zuul's shin destroyer".


Remains of the genus were first discovered in 2014 from the Coal Ridge Member of the Judith River Formation, and described in 2017. The specimen was very well preserved and partially mummified, having preserved soft tissue and included the first complete fossils of an Ankylosaurin skull and tail club, and also had been the most complete Ankylosaurid in North America.


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Cranial anatomy[]

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In Popular Culture[]

  • It makes its first appearance in the Dino Dana movie