Illustration of Zuul crurivastator

Zuul crurivastator is a newly described genus of ankylosaur found in Montana, so-named because of its resemblance to the Ghostbusters demigod Zuul. It is one of the most complete dinosaurs yet, with preserved skin, spike sheaths, and even its armor arrangement intact. It is also the first ankylosaur found with both head and tail on the same skeleton.

Discovery and naming


Zuul was an herbivore, whose uniquely named tail club gave it the species name crurivastator, which translates to "Shin Breaker." The genus got its name from the two sets of horns on its head, ad its face, which beats resemblance to its fictional namesake of Ghostbusters fame. Given the time it lived in, it likely coexisted with Ceratopsians, Tyrannosaurs, Hadrosaurs, as well as crocodilians and pterosaurs.


In Popular Culture

  • It makes its first appearance in the Dino Dana movie


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