Scientific classification
Zuniceratops is a small member of a group of dinosaurs called ceratopsians. It was about the size of a cow and lived during the Late Cretaceous.


Zuniceratops was dicovered in 1996 in New Mexico by an eight year old boy named Christopher Wolfe and named in 1998.


This dinosaur was superficially similar to later horned dinosaurs, such as Triceratops, but it was smaller in size, and only had two brow horns. It lived during the Middle to Late Cretaceous in North America, browsing on such plants like the ancient cycads. It probably was a herd animal as well.

Appearance in Media

This dinosaurs was featured in When Dinosaurs Roamed America film, in the mid Cretaceous segment, where they were shown as prey for unidentifed dromaeosaurs (most likely Dromaeosaurus).

Zuniceratops dk

Zuniceratops as it appears in Dinosaur king