Zhejiangopterus (means Zhejiang wing) is an extinct genus of pterosaur that existed in the late Cretaceous period in what was now China. Zhejiangopterus was a close cousin of Quetzalcoatlus. But fossils of Quetzalcoatlus are found in North America while Zhejiangopterus is found in Asia.

Zhejiangopterus is known from one species, Zhejiangopterus linhaiensis.

Zhejiangopterus restoration

Zhejiangopterus restoration.


Size of Zhejiangopterus compared to human


Zhejiangopterus linhaiensis was a large pterosaur. It had a wingspan of up to 16 feet long. It did not have a crest on the back of its head. It ate fish which it dove into the water for.



In popular culture

Zhejiangopterus appeared on Dinosaur Train.


Zhejiangopterus on dinosaur train

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