Xenosmilus (Greek for "alien saber", pronounced ZEE-no-SMILE-us), a genus of machairodont, which according recent estimates, weighs between 230-400 kg and just under roughly 2 meters in length. This estimate puts Xenosmilus at a similar size to the more famous Smilodon.

Similarly to it, this big cat possessed proportionally large forward canines, although not nearly as large as those of Smilodon. Despite this, the actual classification of Xenosmilus remains a subject of active debate. It is similar to both the scimitar-toothed cats as well as the dirk-toothed cats. As such, it has been temporarily placed within the scimitar-toothed cats, although this is prone to change.


Not only also being an ambush hunter, Xenosmilus was equipped with a very muscular build, allowing it to easily pin prey to the ground with ease and deliver the finishing blow. Fossil evidence implies this tactic worked well against early peccaries, its main food source and an easy kill as shown by remains in the animals unpreserved stomach.

Xenosmilus is only known from two luckily almost complete specimens, both from what is now Florida. Because of this, it is not known what its range actually was, although it is likely Xenosmilus had come into contact with animals such as the early species of Smilodon, Dire wolves, the terror bird Titanis, and as mentioned before, peccaries.