Weird n' Wild Creatures are a set of knowledge cards originally published by International Masters Publishers, Inc. from 2003 to 2010. The cards contain information on creatures from nature, prehistoric to the present, as well as creatures of the imagination. They are no longer being published. They come with complimentary Trading Cards. These are also used to play various card games.

Knowledge Cards[]

The knowledge cards are a set of large cards with information about animals (Creatures) of the present, past, and fantasy.

Monsters of the Past[]

Monsters of the Past is the first group in the Weird n' Wild Creatures Knowledge Cards set. This group covers animals from the past, mostly dinosaurs, but also mammals, insects and other creatures, as well as some more recently extinct animals. Although the animals featured in this group no longer exist, they were certainly real at some point in Earth's history. It is represented by the color red.

Monsters of the Past is the second largest group, outmatched by Strange Wonders. It has 123 cards.

Name Card Number Front Back Trading Card
Tyrannosaurus 1
T-Rex front
T-Rex Monsters of the Past Card 1 back T-Rex Trading Card
Stegosaurus 2 Stegosaurus front Stegosaurus back Stegosaurus Trading Card
Dunkleosteus 3 Dunkleosteus front Dunkleosteus back Dunkleosteus Trading Card
Apatosaurus 4 Apatosaurus front Apatosaurus back Apatosaurus Trading Card
Eurypterid 5
Cynognathus 6
Megatherium 7
Carnotaurus 8 Carnotaurus front Carnotaurus back
Amargasaurus 9 Amargasaurus front Amargasaurus back
Megalodon 10
Triceratops 11 Triceratops front Triceratops back
Diplocaulus 12
Allosaurus 13 Allosaurus front Allosaurus back
Saber-toothed Tiger 14
Thylacinus 15
Trilobite 16 Trilobites front Trilobites back
Pteranodon 17
Giganotosaurus 18 Giganotosaurus front Giganotosaurus back
Gallimimus 19 Gallimimus front Gallimimus back
Archaeopteryx 20 Archaeopteryx front Archaeopteryx back
Woolly Mammoth 21
Velociraptor 22 Velociraptor front Velociraptor back
Deinosuchus 23
Colossochelys 24 Colossochelys front Colossochelys back
Thylacosmilus 25
Parasaurolophus 26
Doedicurus 27
Andrewsarchus 28
Mosasaurus 29
Edmontonia 30 Edmontonia front Edmontonia back
Styracosaurus 31 Styracosaurus front Styracosaurus back
Troodon 32
Megaloceros 33
Tarbosaurus 34
Ouranosaurus 35 Ouranosaurus front Ouranosaurus back
Euoplocephalus 36 Euoplocephalus front Euoplocephalus back
Dilophosaurus 37 Dilophosaurus front Dilophosaurus back
Dimetrodon 38 Dimetrodon front Dimetrodon back
Borhyaena 39
Scimitar Cat 40
Saltasaurus 41 Saltasaurus front Saltasaurus back
Kentrosaurus 42 Kentrosausus front Kentrosausus back
Lystrosaurus 43
Deinocheirus 44 Deinocheirus front Deinocheirus back
Pachycephalosaurus 45 Pachycephalosaurus front Pachycephalosaurus back
Suchomimus 46 Suchomimus front Suchomimus back
Dimorphodon 47 Dimorphdon front Dimorphdon back
Deinonychus 48
Carcharodontosaurus 49 Carcharodontosaurus front Carcharodontosaurus back
Ophthalmosaurus 50
Kronosaurus 51
Acrocanthosaurus 52
Oviraptor 53 Oviraptor front Oviraptor back
Megalosaurus 54
Basilosaurus 55
Chalicotherium 56
Brachiosaurus 57 Brachiosaurus front Brachiosaurus back
Indricotherium 58
Giant Beaver 59
Pterodaustro 60
Hyaenodon 61
Herrerasaurus 62 Herrerasaurus front Herrerasaurus back
Gracilisuchus 63
Platybelodon 64
Ceratosaurus 65
Spinosaurus 66 Spinosaurus front Spinosaurus back
Diatryma 67
Dinofelis 68
Mononykus 69
Chasmosaurus 70 Chasmosaurus front Chasmosaurus back
Utahraptor 71 Utahraptor front Utahraptor back
Baryonyx 72 Baryonyx front Baryonyx back
Woolly Rhinoceros 73
Scelidosaurus 74 Scelidosaurus front Scelidosaurus back
Dromaeosaurus 75
Lambeosaurus 76 Lambeosaurus front Lambeosaurus back
Postosuchus 77
Sarcosuchus 78
Giant Goanna 79
Struthiomimus 80
Hesperornis 81
Columbian Mammoth 82
Brontotherium 83
Argentavis 84
Giant Moa 85
Quetzalcoatlus 86 Quetzalcoatlus front Quetzalcoatlus back
Cryolophosaurus 87
Mussaurus 88 Mussaurus front Mussaurus back
Giant Orthocone 89
Maiasaura 90
Dire Wolf 91
Entelodont 92
Dinogorgon 93
Protodonata 94
Psittacosaurus 95 Psittacosaurus front Psittacosaurus back
Shunosaurus 96
Seismosaurus 97
Haast's Eagle 98
Eustreptospondylus 99
Coelurosauravus 100
Deinotherium 101
Coelophysis 102
Ornitholestes 103
Megarachne 104
Gigantopithecus 105 Gigantopithecus front Gigantopithecus back Gigantopithecus Trading Card
Compsognathus 106 Compsognathus front Compsognathus back
Protoceratops 106 Protoceratops front Protoceratops back
Hypsilophodon 107
Iguanodon 108 Iguanodon front Iguanodon back
Nothosaurus 109 Nothosaurus front Nothosaurus back
Stethacanthus 110
American Mastodon 111 American Mastodon front American Mastodon back
Cave Bear 112
Gigantophis 113
Dapedium 114
Cladoselache 115
Ichthyostega 116 Ichthyostega front Ichthyostega back
Ambulocetus 117
Formicium 118
Thylacoleo 119
Elasmosaurus 120
Thrinaxodon 121 Thrinaxodon front Thrinaxodon back Thrinaxodon Trading Card
Argentinosaurus 222 Argentinosaurus front Argentinosaurus back Argentinosaurus Trading Card