Vorona ("from Berivotra") in Malagasy language is a monotypic genus of prehistoric birds. It was described from fossils found in a Maevarano Formation quarry near the village of Berivotra, Mahajunga Province, Madagascar. The age is Late Cretaceous, probably Campanian (70.6 - 83.5 million years ago). V. berivotrensis is known from scattered remains, possibly from a single individual.

The phylogenic affiliation of Vorona is hard to determine due to the fragmentary nature of the remains, mainly because the fossil shows a mix of primitive avian features as well as some that seem very modern. Vorona might be a primitive ornithuromorph.

Vorona is sometimes confused with the dromaeosaur Rahonavis ostromi, a fossil of which was found in the same location. This confusion has led to the common misconception that Vorona had a sickle-like claw on each foot.