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"'Turiasaurus"'(meaning, Turia lizard, Turia is latin of Teruel) is a genus of sauropod dinosaurs. It is known from a single skeleton representing the species T.riodevensis,found in the spanish rock formation dating from the "'Jurassic"'-"'Cretaceous" boundary about 140 million years ago.


Turiasaurus is bellieved to be the largest dinosaur from Europe and and among the largest dinosaurs found ranging from 36-39 meters in length and 40-48 tons in weight, the combined weight of six-seven african elephants. The length of it's skull is only 70 cm. According to the paleontologist Luis Alcal`a that if the skull was larger it will cause it's neck to break.

Phylogenetic analysis shows it lies outside the Neosauropoda division and belongs to a new clade, Turiasauria, along with Losilasaurus, and Galveosaurus.


Fragmentary remains of this animals includes an articulated left forelimb (holotype), skull fragments, teeth, vertebrae, and ribs have been found in the terrestrial deposits of the Vilar del Arzobispo formation of Riodeva (Teruel province, Eastern Spain, and a forelimb from Portugal. The fossils were once known as "Riodevasaurus", a nomen nudum. The type species Turiasaurus riodvensis was first described by Royo-Torres, Cobos, and Alcala, in 2006. In the early 2010's the excavations were made in East Madrid, that the most complete fossil of this creature in the world.



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