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Scientific classification

Tiktaalik roseae was a lobe-finned fish from late Devonian Canada. This fish is extremely important because it was one (if not the first) of the first vertebrates to walk on land. Lobe-finned fish like Panderichthys and Eusthenopteron had very specialized fins suited to moving into shallow, swampy woods, but Tiktaalik had the ability to move onto land. The lobe-finned fish developed lungs more suited to being on land and their fins grew digits. Following him, Ichthyostega and Acanthostega were able to spend more in the water.


Tiktaalik provides insights on the features of the extinct closest relatives of the tetrapods. Unlike many previous, more fish-like transitional fossils, the "fins" of Tiktaalik have basic wrist bones and simple rays reminiscent of fingers.


Classification and evolution

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