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The Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus) also known as "Tasmanian tiger" or "Tasmanian wolf" is an extinct species of dasyuriomorph marsupial. The species is known from Australia and Papua New Guinea, but the only population known to have survived into modern times lived on Tasmania. The last known individual died on September 7 1936 at Hobart Zoo, though there have been many unconfirmed sightings since.


The thylacine was the size of a medium sized canid. Though estimates vary, it seems that the average weight for adult males was 20 kg and that of adult females 14 kg, though there are many higher numbers. It is most well known for its canid-like head and dark stripes, which ran from the base of the back to the shoulder, many images have 'pseudo-stripes' on the tail, which were actually created by the lighting, instead of actual stripes. Both males and females had a pouch, the males had it to protect their testicles.


Not much is known about the thylacine's behavior as it was poorly researched before its extinction, but based on what little evidence compiled from the activity of the animal in farms, it is inferred it behaved in a way similar to foxes and coyotes.


The thylacine was a moderate sized predator, occupying a niche similar to that of foxes and coyotes. It was carnivorous, and was mostly nocturnal, but did not hesitate to hunt livestock such as chickens and sheep in broad daylight if it had the chance. Its natural diet presumably consisted of emus, kangaroos, and wombats that also inhabit Tasmania.

Popular Culture

  • The thylacine is mentioned in Jurassic World: Alive in the entry for the hybrid Thylos intrepidus.
  • It appear in Wild Kratts as one of the two extinct species alongside the dodo.
  • A thylacine, Ty, is the main character of the TY the Tasmanian Tiger series of video games.