• oof. saw you got blocked. kammie bans people for messing with wiki lore which is ridiculous.

    im speaking with mount wario to try and get you unblocked. anyways your indoraptor page was already deleted so kammie is being ridiculous over this.

    we're talking about it on the discord, i'll post the invite link

    hopefully you haven't given up on fandom or anything considering you're pretty inactive on other wikis

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    • Lol, I lost my phone. It cracked and I have to wait to get it fixed, because I decided to be a fucking dumbass and throw it at the ground while yelling, "DUDE PERFECT".

      I'm never doing that again...

      So Discord is out the window. But yeah, thanks for trying to get me unblocked. By the way, the page I got blocked for wasn't about Indoraptor. It was basically a giant gathering of every plotline in the wiki fighting against the Four Bringers of the Apocalypse, who were looking at the UnOmniverse as their next bounty. I'm not sure why I got blocked for it, I even specified that in the end Crimson lost and everything is returned to normal as if nothing happened. Not sure how that "messes with canon" in any way.

      This is fucking UnAnything, the whole purpose isĀ for it to NOT be canon. Like I said, thanks for trying to get me unblocked. I'm probably gonna have have be more careful...

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