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The Rite of Spring (music written by Igor Stravinsky) is the fourth and longest segment in Fantasia. It mainly focuses on the Big Bang and the Dinosaur age.


The whole score starts with space at the start of the bassoon solo. We see the Milky Way coming out of the darkness. Comets, the sun, and shooting stars whiz by. We come down to a planet which is Earth being born. Light from the volcanos light up and the volcanos burst with lava. Then the volcanos explode. Lava pours down from a volcano with rocks and hits the water, creating a storm and the sea to rise up, flooding the volcano and everything around. Then everything went silent.

The scene changes to the sea when we see green and blue microscopic blobs that split up. We see many sea creatures. One of the fish went up to land and became the first amphibian to crawl on land. Later, the dinosaurs appear, living their lives of what dinosaurs do. Up on top of a cliff, Pteranodons swoop down to catch Lunaspis. One of them caught a fish but was suddenly pulled down by a Tylosaurus.

Everything was going so quiet for the dinosaurs. Every dinosaur is doing what the dinosaurs would do. Until then, they look up ahead, as rain begins to fall, and see the Tyrannosaurus Rex. He chases the dinosaurs, and bites the Stegosaurus' tail. The Stegosaurus and the T. rex both fight, with the T. rex biting the Stegosaurus' neck and the Stegosaurus using his tail to beat the T. rex. The dinosaurs look on while Stegosaurus did his last two hits and the T. rex bites his neck and brings him down, killing him. Victorious, the T. rex roars and eats his fallen opponent while the other dinosaurs leave.

Later following the asteroid has struck, everything was destroyed. There was no food and water for the surviving dinosaurs, nothing but dried up pools, branches, ruined trees, and mud. The sun is too hot for them. The dinosaurs move on and some of them are stuck in the mud with Ceratosaurus coming to them. The wind blows and some dinosaurs collapse, including the T. rex. Later, footprints are seen and we see bones of the dinosaurs, showing that they are now extinct.

Just as the moon began to form an eclipse with the sun, an earthquake suddenly erupted, wiping the dinosaur bones away. The wind then blew a storm and the sea inland, the lowland and everything around became completely flooded, and everything was silent once again. At the end, when the eclipse was complete, you see it set over the only piece of land, overlooking a now endless sea.

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