NHM symphysis

Restoration; detailing the skull

The NHM Symphysis is a currently unnamed species of pliosaur known from a single lower jaw symphysis (which is currently in the collection of the Natural History Museum, hence the name) found in the Oxford Clay.[1] According to a 2009 thesis describing a specimen of Kronosaurus, the NHM Symphisis probably reached between 9.1–15.1 m (30–50 ft) long when fully grown, although this is just an estimate since only scant remains are known.[1] One estimate puts the NHM symphysis and the related Pliosaurus macromerus in the 15.2-18.2 m (50-60 ft) range, although his is highly unlikely.[2]

NHM symphysis size comparison

Size comparison compared to a human, great white shark and school bus

Liopleurodon ferox symphysis (lower jaw fragment)

Symphysis of the related species Liopleurodon ferox

This specimen was, at one point, referred to Simolestes, but it was probably a separate genus or a specimen of Pliosaurus macromerus.


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