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The Lost World is a 1998 film, loosely based on the book of the same name by Arthur Conan Doyle.


In 1934, the researcher Maple White and his assistant Azbek discover an unknown world populated by dinosaurs situated on a plateau in Mongolia. After having found a Quetzalcoatlus's egg in a cave, White celebrates the discovery with Azbek, uncorking a bottle of champagne and listening to classical music. However, Azbek is attacked and killed by Eudimorphodons which also attack White, who falls from the plateau holding onto a rope; he survives but is seriously wounded. White is found again and taken care of by Myar and Djena, respectively Azbek's brother and sister. He asks the two to bring him his friend George Challenger, to whom White gives an account of his adventures, proposing to Challenger that he should try to fully explore the plateau in his place before to die.

Challenger returns to London and organizes a lecture, trying to persuade some to finance an expedition to prove that dinosaurs still exist by presenting the embryo of the Quetzalcoatlus's egg found by Maple White. During the lecture, Challenger is derided and humiliated not only from the students but also from his colleagues Professor Summerlee and Lord Thomas. However, Lord Thomas ultimately grants permission for the expedition on the condition that Summerlee accompanies Challenger to act as a "critical eye". Subsequently, Oscar Perreault, a spectator at the lecture, proposes to pay for the expedition's expenses if the scientists capture a living dinosaur and exhibit it to the public wherever he wishes and his associate John Roxton joins the expedition in order to represent his interests. Challenger unwillingly accepts the proposal. After concluding the lecture, Challenger bumps into the young journalist Arthur Malone, whom he asks to join the expedition in order to document it. After granting permission to Malone, Challenger is confronted by a woman who had interrupted his lecture earlier, who reveals herself to be the late Maple White's daughter, Amanda, who also insists on joining the team in order to represent her father's interests.

In the following days, the team heads to Mongolia. They stop on the way in order to pick up their guides, who include the young siblings Myar and Djena. After they resume their journey, their transportation suffers a breakdown, and the team is forced to continue the trip on foot. One of the guides is killed by an mosquito that is presumably a prehistoric; however, despite misgivings expressed by the guides, the team continues after conducting a funeral in accordance with the local rites.

The team finally reaches the foot of the plateau, where Amanda is abducted by Neanderthals'. Noticing Amanda's disappearance, the team searches for her. Challenger and Roxton quickly find her suspended from a ritual framework by her abductors. In rescuing her, they are also forced to face the neanderthal tribe, which is defeated due to modern weaponry. The team escapes the Neanderthals' with a hot air balloon, in which they fly up from the plateau. Using binoculars, Summerlee observes three Quetzalcoatlus nearby. The animals attack the balloon, knocking Myar from it and then causing an irreparable tear to the balloon, causing the whole team to plummet to the plateau below. Upon arriving, the team is amazed to see a Brontosaurus. Meanwhile, Djena is bitten by an unknown creature in a water court but saved by Challenger. The team searches for and finds shelter in a cave, where it discovers a series of intricate symbols on the walls. Roxton decides to return to the wreckage of the balloon in order to recover his supplies. Later, Roxton not returning, Challenger, Malone and Djena go looking for him. When they find him, they discover that he has repaired the balloon, retrieve his rifle and has captured a baby Centrosaurus. Roxton confesses to them that he intends to leave the plateau without them for the bonus. Then Roxton orders Malone to tie up Djena and Challenger to do the same Malone. Taking advantage of Roxton's temporary distraction, Challenger succeeds in disarming Roxton instead and recovers the rifle. However, Roxton aims a knife Djena's neck, forcing Challenger to return the rifle to him. Djena once again distracts Roxton by biting Roxton's hand, and Challenger attacks him. Ultimately, Challenger is able to render Roxton unconscious. Meanwhile, Amanda and Professor Summerlee are deciphering the symbols on the cave walls. They are attacked by a dinosaur but fight it off. At the same time, Challenger, Malone, Djena and the tied-up Roxton find their provisions and are attacked by a giant burrower crocodile. It snaps Roxton and leaving the other three unscathed. Returning to the cave, Amanda reports of Mongolia's lost history revealed through the symbols. These tell of a tribe, the kerraks. They interacted with prehistoric creatures: they hunted some dinosaurs, some of which became extinct; for this, their native predecessors, the Neanderthals', chased the kerraks in order to avoid the total destruction of the lost world, becoming the plateau's guardians. After hearing the story, Professor Summerlee reveals to the team that he does not want to return to London, deciding to pass the rest of his life in studying the plateau's environment. Later, while the team sleeps, a neanderthal appears in the cave and shoots Summerlee a poison dart. It causes Summerlee to become very disoriented and experience hallucinations; under its influence, he exits the cave, destroys the balloon and is killed by a Tyrannosaurus. The rest of the team finds the dead body of Summerlee, which it covers with a British flag.

Returning to the cave, Amanda White and Challenger discover that there is, in fact, a larger cave behind the first, the same one discovered by Maple White. Exploring the cave, the two come across the skeleton of Azbek and Maple White's vinyl record. In the same instant, they find a bloody John Roxton. He reveals to Amanda and to Challenger that he filled the cave with dynamites and only he will leave the plateau. Roxton is also in possession of a Eudimorphodon in a cage. But he frees itself and attacks Roxton, causing him to fall from the plateau and die. Before falling, however, Roxton manages to light the fuse; and Amanda and Challenger escape the explosion. While Challenger, Amanda and Malone try to prepares a parachute with the remains of the balloon, Djena finds a dead Velociraptor and is attacked by Eoraptors, which then attack the other team members. Later that night, the T.rex back again and attacks the team. Djena is once again attacked by the Eoraptors. But the Eoraptors disperse and Djena is killed by the T.rex. Wanting to avenge Djena, Malone distracts the T.rex by throwing rocks at it. He is ultimately able to kill the T.rex with a large blast of fire by igniting flammable gas caused by a nearby volcano. Amanda and Challenger are saved from the hot flash by throwing themselves down from the plateau's frame with the parachute that Djena had been preparing earlier.

Returning to London, Challenger communicates the death of his companions to the students. On account of the danger present at the place, he chooses to state that the expedition found nothing, thus ensuring that no further expedition would to the plateau would be made.

In the last scenes of the film, it is revealed that Malone survived and adapted to life on the plateau.


  • Patrick Bergin: Professor George Challenger
  • Jayne Heitmeyer: Amanda White
  • Julian Casey: Arthur Malone
  • David Nerman: Lord John Roxton
  • Michael Sinelnikoff: Professor Leo Summerlee
  • Gregoriane Minot Payeur: Djena
  • Jack Langedijk: Maple White
  • Russell Yuen: Azbek/Myar/Neanderthal
  • James Bradford: Lord Thomas
  • Jacques Lessard: Oscar Perreault
  • Martin Sims: Studente
  • Gouchy Boy, Michael Gurman, Michel Perron, Sam Stone, Richard Zeman: the Neanderthals

Dinosaurs & Prehistoric creatures[]


  • The Story of this adventurous expedition takes place in Mongolia instead of the tropical South American Jungle where the lost world usually takes place.
  • Some of the Dinosaurs have a minor inaccuracies. Like the T.Rex has long arms instead of short ones. Probably evolved a little.
    • Some Tyrannosaurs did have Long arms. But when they evolved over Millions of years, They’re bodies grew Bigger & They’re arms became short.
  • The film takes place in 1934 and the characters identify the Quetzalcoatlus when it was discovered in 1975.
  • The Gorgosaurus Skeleton seen both the beginning & at the end of the Movie during the speech from Patrick Bergin as Professor George Challenger, It can still be seen today at the Redpath Museum.
  • Mosquitoes Live only in the tropical climate. The ones that killed one of the guides during the night could’ve freeze to death.
  • Michael Sinelnikoff as Professor Leo Summerlee played the role again from the TV Series The Lost World on the WB Channels.