The Dinosaurs! is an American television miniseries Documentary created for PBS, featuring some of the then-modern theories about dinosaurs and how they lived. It was narrated by Barbara Feldon and aired on November 22-25, 1992.

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The program features the age of dinosaurs from the appearing of early forms like Herrerasaurus to the Tyrannosaurus and Ceratopsians of the Late Cretaceous. The possibilities whether dinosaurs were active, warm-blooded animals, had parental care, and the theory that they are the ancestors of birds are featured. What caused their extinction is also discussed. There are also animated depictions to give an impression of how the dinosaurs might or could have looked and how they might or would have behaved.


  • Part 1 - The Monsters Emerge
  • Part 2 - Flesh on the Bones
  • Part 3- The Nature of the Beast
  • Part 4 - The Death of the Dinosaur

List of Dinosaurs & other Prehistoric Reptiles[]


The Monsters Emerge[]

Flesh on the Bones[]

The Nature of the Beast[]

The Death of the Dinosaur[]


  • The Dinosaurs! is one of the few Dinosaur Documentaries to Feature hand drawn Animated Dinosaurs.
  • Pachyrhinosaurus was inaccurate for having big rhino like horn but in real life it has a big flat boss on it's nose.
  • Many of the theropods in the documentary series are lacked in feathers. Except, Archaeopteryx.
  • The Mosasaurus in the documentary series lacks the tail fluke and has a forked tongue.
  • The adult Triceratops has triangular epoccipitals on their frills.