Temporal range: Late Cretaceous
Thanos simonattoi.png
An artist's illustration of Thanos
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Saurischia
Suborder: Theropoda
Family: Abelisauridae
Tribe: Carnotaurini
Genus: Thanos
Delcourt and Iori, 2018
Species: T. simonattoi
Binomial name
Thanos simonattoi
Delcourt and Iori, 2018

Thanos (named for the well known Marvel villain) is a species and genus of carnivorous brachyrostan abelisaurid dinosaur that lived in the Brazil during the Santonian stage of the late Cretaceous Period. It contains only a single species, Thanos simonattoi, so far.


The length of Thanos has been estimated at grow as much as; 5.5 to 6.5 meters (18–21 feet), making it a medium-sized theropod.


a depiction of the abelisaurid by paeloartist Paulo Leite(point to the advanced leg anatomy of ‏the animal)

Despite the incompleteness of the material, a number of diagnostic features are present; a well-developed keel becoming wider and deeper posteriorly on the ventral surface; two lateral small foramina separated by a relatively wide wall on each lateral surface of the centrum; and well-developed and deep prezygapophyseal spinodiapophyseal fossae. In view of these features, Thanos species seem to be more derived than other abelisaurids at the time.


Thanos simonattoi 2019-Delcourt et Iori paleoArt Deverson da Silva

Thanos in its natural habitat

Thanos shared its environment with an undescribed larger theropod believed to be a megaraptoran of which a vertebra, specimen MPMA 08–0003/94, has been found at Ibira. This would imply that Thanos was likely not the apex and/or dominant predator of its habitat.
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