Tarbosaurus: The Mightiest Ever is a documentary published in 2012. It is considered to be the prequel of the more famous Dino King, as both have a Tarbosaurus character as the main character. The documentary comes in two parts, the first being about Patch's early stages of life (child and teenager) and the second one about his adult stages (adult and death)


Part 1:

In the Korean Peninsula, dinosaurs flourished and diversified in this natural habitat. Among them was the small Tarbosaurus Patch, who is playful and curious. His playtime sometimes disturbs the residents in the forest, like the Microraptor

While this commotion is happening, his mother is out hunting for herbivorous Protoceratops. After a successful strike, she manages to kill one and let out a mighty roar

Meanwhile, Patch investigates some eggs, which turn out to be from an angry mother Velociraptor. She had her eggs stolen many times before, and this time, she was ready to attack. Patch lets out a cry, attracting his mother to come in to the rescue. The Velociraptors flee, not risking to attack the apex predator

Then, she and Patch comes home, with dinner in her mouth. Her babies start to eat the regurgitated food, but the smallest of the Tarbosaurs can't even come for a bite

Later, Mom is hunting a Therizinosaurus. But after seeing its giant claws, she manages to not attack. Then, she sees some Haenamichnus, flying in the sky and coming down to feed, but their peace is disturbed by the Velociraptors

Then, another Tarbosaurus enters the sanctuary of the baby Tarbosaurs, but Mom comes in and drives the rival off

When it was time to move, Patch encounters a herd of Pukyongosaurus, and when one of the giant sauropods come near, Patch flees, due to the size of these herbivores

Patch's mother decides to hunt some Protoceratops, and her choice is the one taking a mud bath, but the mother fails to catch the victim

While this was happening, the youngest of the Tarbosaurs was chasing a dragonfly, only to be caught and killed by a hungry Velociraptor. And another one dies due to heat exhaustion, making Patch the last survivor of the female's offspring

Soon, a herd of Tsintaosaurs are migrating, only when one of them was brought down by a pack of raptors, but the mother Tarbosaurus comes in to take the victim down

Throughout the years, Patch is starting to grow up. The mother encounters a flock of Haenamichnus and manages to strike, but falls down, making her attempt an unsuccessful one. So she hunts a small herd of Protoceratops, and manages to kill one. Patch starts to leave his mother behind and start a new life, even though he doesn't want to, but her mother forces him to leave

Part 2:

Patch, who is now an adult, is hunting some Tsintaosaurus, and manages to bring one of them down, but his kill is stolen by a pack of Velociraptors, forcing him out

Then, it was mating season, where dinosaurs now have their mates, while Patch is still alone, he hasn't found a mate for him yet, but then, he finds a mate, and fends off another male who wants to keep the same female. Fortunately for Patch, he is able to drive him off and keep the mate

Soon, the residents' eggs begin to hatch into their offspring. Patch has 2 kids. Then, the dry season starts, and the Tsintaosaurus start to migrate

When the 2 kids start to chase a dragonfly, it ends up being one of the offspring being attacked and killed by a Velociraptor and the other being killed and eaten by a Therizinosaurus, then Patch and her mate notice the cry and head to the rescue. But Patch was too late; the Therizinosaurus had already swallowed the baby whole. He then starts to fight the Therizinosaurus, only to be inflicted and injured by its deadly claws. But Patch takes a bite to the neck, and the Therizinosaurus dies, making Patch the winner

But Patch is injured, and her mate leaves him behind. He soon dies, making the powerful king of the forest, long gone.

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