Edmontosaurus whole kwwswf

Edmontosaurus, a genus of hadrosaur that is also known from Alaska. It may provide clues as to what the Talkeetna Mountain Hadrosaur might have looked like, though this is only speculation.

The Talkeetna Mountains Hadrosaur is an unnamed species of hadrosaur from the Cretaceous period of Alaska. It is known for being the first associated skeleton ever found in Alaska. It also showed a close link between the hadrosaurs of North America and Asia due to the location in which it was found. It was determined to be a juvenile animal, but it is still unknown whether or not it is a new species. Due to the nature of the sediments surrounding its bones, it can be inferred that the hadrosaur was washed into the ocean when it died. Bite marks found on its bones show that the carcass was nibbled on by a Tylosaurus, further supporting the idea that the carcass was in the ocean when it became fossilized.