Temporal range: Late Triassic
Smok wawelski by karkemish00-d4o6had.jpg
An artist's illustration and size comparsion of Smok wawelski
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Genus: Smok
Niedźwiedzki, Sulej & Dzik, 2012
Species: S. wawelski
Binomial name
Snok wawelski
Niedźwiedzki, Sulej & Dzik, 2012

Smok, meaning "dragon" in Polish, named after the Wawel Dragon, is a Postosuchid Rauisuchian from the late Triassic of Poland. It has been estimated to be about 5 to 6 metres long, meaning that it would be the largest carnivorous Archosaur of it's time. It would have weighed around 1000 to nearly 2000 kilograms.

Smok NT

3D reconstruction of the head of Smok wawelski

It would have been the apex predator in its region and possibly on of the biggest carnivores in Europe at the time. Due to its cold blooded body, it would have been a carnivore as large animals that couldn't run very fast such as the dicynodonts. It's large bulky frame and massive head and jaws would allow it to exert great force when biting down and since other rauisuchians could rear up on their hind legs then it is entirely possible that when making the final bite to its prey, Smok would have reared up held its prey then taken a big chunk out of its neck or back which would be fatal.


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