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Name Sinosaurus
Order Saurischia
Suborder Theropoda
Class Dilophosauridae
Name Translation Chinese reptile
Period Late Triassic

204-196 Mya

Location China
Diet Meat, fish
Size 5.6 meters
Date of Discovery 1987

Sinosaurus is a 5.6 meters long, Dilophosaurid from Late Triassic China, 204 to 196 mya. It lived in China along another possible Dilophosaurid, Lukosaurus


Sinosaurus is thought to eat mainly fish in addition to meat, much like Dilophosaurus himself. However, while Dilophosaurus could likely only scavenge meat because of his weak jaws, Sinosaurs could actually hunt like a predator. It may possibly preyed upon the scelidosaurid and possible ankylosaur Bienosaurus crichtoni, the scutellosaurid Tatisaurus, the prosauropods Lufengosaurus and Kunmingosaurus and therapsids.

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