Name Simolestes
Order Plesiosauria
Suborder Pliosauroidea
Location Prehistoric Seas of Europe
Diet fish and smaller plesiosaurs

The Simolestes were a genus of pliosaurs that consisted of three distinct species of pliosaur that lived in the seas that covered modern day Europe during the Middle to Late Jurassic Period. The species are Simolestes vorax , and Simolestes indicus. Although the three Simoleste species' sizes vary slightly, they are all large pliosaurs. Like most pliosaurs, they were carnivorous that had a short neck, four large flippers made for acceleration, and a large head with sharp teeth for grabbing its prey, which consisted of fish and smaller plesiosaurs. The Simolestes had no special capabilities that the other species did not. They were an average group of large pliosaur.