Roy Chapman Andrews (1884-1960) was a very famous paleontologist, explorer and biologist, who seems on Indiana Jones and Roland Tembo from Jurassic Park II: The Lost World. In Mongolia, he found Velociraptor, Andrewsarchus, Protoceratops and Oviraptor. Andrews was one of the most important scientists in the history, along with for instance Gideon Mantell, Mary Anning and Sir Richard Owen.

Name: Roy Chapman Andrews

Also known as: Andrews, the real Indiana Jones

Occupation: Paleontologist, zoologist, explorer

Inspiration for: Roland Tembo, Indiana Jones, Lucky Luck ( Possible)

Live in: The United States

Born in: Wisconsin

Found: Velociraptor, Andrewsarchus, Protoceratops and Oviraptor

Most important occupation of Andrews: Paleontologist

Nationality: Americain

Alignment: ? Probably good


Roy found fossils of the Velociraptor in the Gobi-Desert in Mongolia.

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