Rhynchosaurus (beaked lizard) is a genus of rhynchosaur that lived during the Middle Triassic period. It lived in Europe.


It was related to the archosaurs, but not within that group. The type species of Rhynchosaurus is R. articeps. Michael Benton named two additional species, R. spenceri and R. brodiei, but they were subsequently renamed Fodonyx and Langeronyx respectively. Fossils of Rhynchosaurus have been found in the Tarporley Siltstone Formation (Mercia Mudstone Group) and possibly the Sherwood Sandstone Group of the United Kingdom. It was a genus of rhynchosaurs known from European fossils of the middle Triassic period, having a short, broad head; (also rhynchosaurus) a reptile of this genus.