Scientific classification
Rahonavis is a Madagascan dromaeosaurid dinosaur. It shares some similarities with aviams, stating that it could also be a proto-avian.


Rahonavis is very bird-like in appearance. It had feathers, could flap its weak wings off the ground slightly, and could glide from tree branch to tree branch. Unlike birds, however, it had teeth, no beak, claws on its arms, and a long tail. It may have been good at repeating sounds other animals made, and could have used it to its advantage in order to keep itself alive. It was smart in terms of dinosaurs, nad also had large eyes, possibly to help see in the dark during the night. It was small, only about the size of a hawk, but was a
Rahonavis ostromibones

A Rahonavis skeleton.

dvanced in terms of dinosaurs. It was so bird-like in fact that scientists are debating whether it was actually a bird more than a dinosaur, and should be classified as one. Rahonavis lived in forested or desert areas, and either scavenged carcasses from dead dinosaurs or ate insects that were around. It lived alongside the fierce predator Majungasaurus and the sauropod Rapetosaurus.

In popular culture

Rahonavis was recently in a documentary Dinosaur Revolution, where it was shown to have been able to repeat sounds
  • Dinosaur Revolution Rahavonis
  • Planet Dinosaur Rahavonis
around its environment, ate insects off a Rapetosaurus, and was chased down by a pair of baby Majungasaurus until it used its ventriloquism talent to sound like a large dinosaur and scare off the youngsters. It was also in an episode of Planet Dinosaur, where it's driven off by a female Majungasaurus and its babies to scavenge from a carcass.
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