Quinkana fortirostrum is an ancient mekosuchine crocodyliform of Late Oligocene to Pleistocene Australia that lived 25 million to 40 000 years ago. This carnivore grew from 5 to 6 metres long and 5-6 feet tall at the shoulder. This crocodyliform would have been one of the biggest predators in Australia at the time and was only smaller than the biggest lizard, squamate and venomous vertebrate ever the Megalania. This crocodyliform would have been an active predator chasing down its prey since megalania ate anything and Thylacoleo was an ambush predator.

This creature would have come into contact with the aborigines that used to be the main sentient inhabitants of Australia until other people arrived. This creatures name in fact comes from the ''quinkans''. A legendary folk from aboriginal stories. This creature would have been wiped out and driven to extinction by a combination of over hunting, competition from aboriginals and climate change since Australia was heating up fast and being the reptile it was, could not cope with the sudden change in temperature so its cold-blooded lifestyle would have forced it to seek cooler climates which were nowhere to be found.

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Quinkana profile

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