Primitive Titanosaurs

Titanosaurs were charaterized by wide bodies and some had armor.  The following Titanosaurs are not part of the advanced group Saltasauridae.

Argentinosaurus by Gonzalezaurus.jpg

Time Period

These dinosaurs lived from the late Jurassic to the late Cretaceous.

Common Members

Common members include Aegyptosaurus, Agustinia, Ampelosaurus, Andesaurus, Argentinosaurus, Austrosaurus, Borealosaurus, Chubutisaurus, Epachthosaurus, Gobititan, Gondwanatitan, Hypselosaurus, Isisaurus, Iuticosaurus, Jainosaurus, Janenschia, Jiangshanosaurus, Karongasaurus, Ligabuesaurus, Macrurosaurus, Magyarosaurus, Malawisaurus, Mendozasaurus, Paralititan, Phuwiangosaurus, Puertasaurus, Tangvayosaurus, and Venenosaurus

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