Prehistoric Park title card

Prehistoric Park is a British mockumentary sci-fi drama series made by the animation house Impossible Pictures for ITV, in 2006. Nigel Marven, who has appeared in other dinosaur-related programs before, stars in this series as he goes back in time to save prehistoric creatures from extinction, at the brink of their extinctions.

The extinct animals that are brought to Prehistoric Park throughout the series are as follows:

As well as the extinct animals, there are also several modern-day animals that reside in the park. These include a herd of African Elephants, a Cheetah, a group of Nile Crocodiles and free-roaming Egrets and Ibis. Nigel also keeps a few smaller animals in and around his base, which include a Blue and Yellow Macaw, a Hermann's Tortoise, a Western Hog-nosed Snake and two Jackson's Chameleons.

Animals seen in the wild:

Episode 1 T-rex Returns

Episode 2 A Mammoth Undertaking

Episode 3 Dinobirds

Episode 4 Saving the Sabre-Tooth

Episode 5 The Bug House

Episode 6 Supercroc

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