Podokesaurus holyokensis(meaning Swift footed lizard) is a small Coelophysoid from early Jurassic eastern USA.

It was a small carnivorous dinosaur and one of the earliest dinosaurs to inhabit the US. It may be the same species as Coelophysis.

Discovery and history[]

In 1910, the American geologist Mignon Talbot was walking with her sister Ellen to Holyoke, Massachusetts, in the eastern US, when they passed a farm and noticed a small hill nearby.


Podokesaurus generally grew to about 3 feet in length, but evidence shows that it may have grown to be about 9 feet. It was very similar to the Coelophysis in terms of anatomy. It has become the Official State Dinosaur of Massachusetts. [1]


When reading her preliminary description in 1910, Talbot suggested Podokesaurus to have been an "herbivorous dinosaur", but further work at Yale University showed that some bones had been incorrectly identified, and the ischium of the pelvis with a well-developed ridge was found to resemble that of Compsognathus.


Talbot suggested that the short, slender humerus, long, straight hindlimb bones, and the well-developed fourth trochanter of the femur indicated that Podokesaurus was bipedal.


The only known specimen of Podokesaurus is thought to have been collected from the Portland Formation (earlier known as the Portland Arkose) in the Hartford Basin of Massachusetts.