Plotosaurus was a Mosasaur. Palaentologists consider the fast, sleek Plotosaurus to be the pinnacle of the evolution of a Mosasaur—the streamlined, predatory marine reptiles that largely displaced the Plesiosaurs and pliosaurs of the preceding Jurassic period, and were themselves closely related to modern snakes. Plotosaurus was about as hydrodynamic as this breed ever got, with a relatively, sleek narrow body and flexible tail; its unusually large eyes were also well-adapted for homing in on fish (and possibly other aquatic reptiles as well).

Length: 40 feet (12 metres)
Weight: 5 tons
Habitat: Oceans
Diet: Fish and other marine reptiles
Named by: Camp; 1951
  • P. tuckeri Plotosaurus tuckeri
  • P. bennisoniPlotosaurus bennisoni