Name Paralititan
Order Saurischia
Suborder Dinosauria
Class Reptilia
Name Translation Tidal Titan
Period Upper Cretaceous
Location Modern-Day Egypt
Diet Herbivore
Size 32 meters (108 feet)

Paralititan ("tidal giant") was a genus of giant titanosaurian Sauropods that lived throughout the Cretaceous Period. Because not many fossils of Paralititan have been found, little is known about them. Eats 720 lbs of plant food each day. Fossilized Paralititan remains were first discovered in the Upper Cretaceous coastal deposits of the Bahariya Formation in Egypt. The fossil was well preserved in the tidal flat deposits, which contained fossil mangrove vegetation.




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Monsters Resurrected Paralititan

Though the remains were well preserved, there were not many. Scientists have determined that the available materials suggest that Paralititan was among the largest dinosaurs to have ever lived. Researchers have come to the conclusion that Paralititan may have possessed osteoderms in order to defend itself from large predators. The fossilized specimen appears to have been scavenged by a large carnivore. This opens up the possibility that large carnivorous dinosaurs, such as Carcharodontosaurus may have hunted Paralititan as its prey. It was over 108.5 feet (32.5 meters) long and weighed 65 tons, making it big even by dinosaur standards. It had a long neck that could easily get to the highest parts of trees, and a huge gut designed to digest huge amounts of plant material.

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Planet Dinosaur Paralititan


In the Media[]

  • Paralititan has been in a few documentaries, one of which was in Monsters Resurrected, where a juvenile was killed by a Rugops, and is inaccurately shown to be killed by Spinosaurus.
  • It also was featured in Planet Dinosaur, where a juvenile got stuck in the mud, and was made the rope in a deadly game of tug of war between Sarcosuchus and Carcharodontosaurus.
  • It was also featured in Ricardo Delgado's Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians mini-series.