Pannoniasaurus by pristichampsus-d5ovhtg

Pannoniasaurus inexpectatus is a Mosasauroid from late Cretaceous Hungary. This mosasaur was a carnivore that might have grown up to over 5 meters long and probably weighed over 100 kilograms. what is unusual about this mosasaur is the fact that its fossils were found in sediments that used to be in fresh water. Indicatig that it definitely spent part of its life in freshwater. This indicates that mosasaurs were much more diverse and adaptive than we thought. A similar modern day comparison would be with the bull shark or river sharks because these fish are members of a group that were always thought to be sea-going yet bull sharks have been found 5000 kilometres up the Amazon river and live in the Congo river in Africa. In fact this creatures full name is Pannoniasaurus inexpectanus which means unexpected lizard of Pannonia due to the circumstances behind its strange discovery and reaction by the confused paleontologists. This means that Pannoniasaurus would have come into close proximity with dinosaurs who would have to come down to its rivers to take a drink. Pannoniasaurus was not th size to prey on these animals but instead would have preferred small prey like fish and other small creatures seeing as its teeth were not blunt or serrated. Pannoniasaurus probably evolved to escape the other larger mosasaurs by going to the riverways to feed and was probably more at home there than in the ocean.

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