Temporal range: 245–235Ma
Noticia 53029-P.jpg
An artist's illustration of Pagosvenator candelariensis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptillia
Superorder: Erpetosuchidae?
Genus: Pagosvenator
Lacerda, de França & Schultz, 2018
Binomial name
Paosvenator candelariensis
Lacerda, de França & Schultz, 2018

Pagosvenator is an extinct genus of erpetosuchid from the Mid-Late Triassic of Brazil. The type species, Pagosvenator candelariensis, was described in 2018.

Pagosvenator is a Brazilian genus which has been allied with the ornithosuchids prior to receiving a formal description in 2018. Despite only being known from a skull and a few vertebrae and osteoderms, it shares similarities with several erpetosuchids. Although its description only compared it with Erpetosuchus and Parringtonia, its assignment to this family does have some support. It shares a few traits with these other genera, such as maxillary teeth at only the front of the mouth and a portion of the maxilla under the lacrimal which is higher than long.[1]


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