Oryctodromeus is an herbivorous parksosaurid ornithopod dinosaur from late Cretaceous Montana, USA.[1][2][3][4]



An illustration of Oryctodromeus burrow

The dinosaur's name translates to "digging runner", denoting its burrowing ability and fast speed in life.

NewOryctodromeus2 3b86

Oryctodromeus skeletal reconstruction

It was a genus of smaller sized orodromine thescelosaurid dinosaur. It was a member of the small, presumably fast-running herbivorous family Thescelosauridae.[5][6][7]



An Oryctodromeus pair

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In their burrow. Credit: a dinosaur a day

Fossils are well known from the Late Cretaceous Blackleaf Formation of southwestern Montana; as well as the Wayan Formation of the southeastern Idaho, USA, both belong to the Cenomanian stage, of Late Cretaceous; roughly 95 million years ago.[8][9][10]


Oryctodromeus a39d

Oryctodromeus on its nests

Oryctodromeus+woodland e415

Oryctodromeus pair. Credit: Mark Witton

Oryctodromeus was the first non-avian dinosaur with direct and acknowledged evidence of burrowing behavior.[11][12][13][14][15] They recorded to have more enhanced senses compared to other dinosaurs within their habitat.[16][17]

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The Oryctodromeus made it’s appearance in Dinosaur Train. They 1st in the episode “The Burrowers”. They’ve also been seen in some other episodes.

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