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Ornithomimosauria (Ostrich Dinosaur) is a family of dinosaurs from early to late Cretaceous Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa. They were fast running omnivorous or herbivorous dinosaur

Common Members[]

Common members include Anserimimus, ArchaeornithomimusBeishanlong, Deinocheirus, GallimimusGarudimimus, Harpymimus, Hexing, Kinnareemimus, Nqwebasaurus, OrnithomimusParaxenisaurus, Pelecanimimus, Qiupalong, Rativates, Shenzhousaurus, Sinornithomimus,Struthiomimus and Tototlmimus.


The skulls of ornithomimosaurs were small, with large eyes, above relatively long and slender necks. The most basal members of the taxon (such as Pelecanimimus and Harpymimus) had a jaw with small teeth, while the later and more derived species had a toothless beaks.