This rather old rendering of Omeisaurus features it feeding on trees with its incredible neck.

Omeisaurus Junghsiensis is a Primitive Sauropod from Late Jurassic China. It was 49.2 feet (15 meters) and weighed 15-20 tonnes. It was a long-necked Sauropod, probably a close relative of Mamenchisaurus. The long neck would have been useful to reach high into trees or to cover a wide area on the ground. Omeisaurus is primarily only known for its medium size and incredible neck.

It was discovered in 1939 by paleontologist Yang Zhongjian. The length of its neck, however, wasn't revealed until the 1980s, when a more complete skeleton was uncovered, and revealed.



Omeisaurus belongs to a family of primitive Sauropods that trace their origins back to the Early Jurassic period in continents like Asia and Africa. Omeisaurus would've been closely related to others of its time due to the primitive range of these animals. It's thought that the Omeisaurus might be slightly related to Diplodocus, a more advanced Sauropod later in North America of its similarities in skull formation, and leg arrangements to the body.


The Omeisaurus lived during the Middle, and possibly Early Jurassic Period in China. It shared its grazing marshes with more primitive Sauropods, like the Shunosaurus, and was probably terrorized by Gasosaurus, a 4-meter carnivore that lived alongside it. Gasosaurus may have been small, but for its time and location, it was probably one of the top predators.

In the Media[]

  1. Omeisaurus is known in the Jurassic Park franchise, but has never made a public appearance in movies, short films, animated series, or books
  2. Omeisaurus appeared on the documentary series called When Dinosaurs Ruled.