The Fossil of the Notates

Notatesseraeraptor ("feature mosaic tile thief") is a carnivorous theropod about 8.5 feet/2.5m long, a relatively large size for Late Triassic dinosaurs.


A 3D illustrated reconstruction of the animal, showing it attacking a smaller reptile

The species lived during the Late Triassic of Europe in what is now Switzerland. Paleontologists named the new dinosaur Notatesseraeraptor frickensis, a reference to the town of Frick, Switzerland, where the skeleton was unearthed; but it wasn't until 2019 that the results of a phylogenetic analysis were published and fully charted the dinosaur as a unique species. It was an early member of Neotheropoda with relations to other triassic theropods, such as the Dilophosaurus and Averostra. It is also the first non-avian dinosaur described from Switzerland.