Nectosaurus is a Thalattosaurid from late Triassic California, USA. 

Nectosaurus is blue, Thalattosaurus is green, and four ammonites are in the center


Nectosaurus was a member of a group of marine reptiles known as thalattosaurs, characterized by their long, paddle-like tails, and short legs with independently movable digits.

Discovery and Naming

Nectosaurus is known from fragmentary remains. The holotype, UCMP 9124, is an incomplete skeleton including vertebrae, a humerus, coracoid, ulna, radius, partial skull, and mandibles.


Although a 2001 analysis considered it a close relative of Xinpusaurus and Paralonectes because it was interpreted as having an upward-curving maxilla, further inquiry has shown that this was mistaken.


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