Euphoberia ferox
A historical restoration of a Acantherpestes ferox fossil
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Myriapoda
Class: Diplopoda
Superorder: Archipolypoda
Order: Euphoberiida
Family: Euphoberiidae
Genus: Myriacantherpestes
Burke, 1979
Type species
Acantherpestes ferox
Salter, 1863
Referred species
  • Myriacantherpestes bradebirksi (Burke 1979)
  • Myriacantherpestes clarkorum (Burke 1973)
  • Myriacantherpestes excrescens (Janssen, 1940)
  • Myriacantherpestes ferox (Salter 1863)
  • Myriacantherpestes hystricosus (Scudder 1890)
  • Myriacantherpestes inequalis (Scudder 1890)

Myriacantherpestes is an extinct genus of spiny millipedes from the Pennsylvanian subperiod of the Carboniferous period, known from fossils in Europe and North America.

Taxonomic History[]

Several species currently assigned to Myriacantherpestes were formerly in the genera Acantherpestes and Euphoberia. The species Myriacantherpestes excrescens was originally described as a fossilized cycad seed.


Like other Euphoberiids, Myriacantherpestes had prominent dorsal and lateral spines. Myriacantherpestes differs from other members of Euphoberiidae in part by having much longer lateral spines.