Metriorhynchus closeup

Metriorhynchus is an extinct genus of marine crocodyliform that lived in the oceans during the Middle to Late Jurassic. Metriorhynchus was named by the German palaeontologist Christian von Meyer in 1830. Metriorhynchus was a carnivore that spent much, if not all, of its life out at sea. No Metriorhynchus eggs or nests have been discovered, so little is known of the reptile's lifecycle, unlike other large marine reptiles of the Mesozoic, such as plesiosaurs or ichthyosaurs which are known to give birth to live young out at sea. Where Metriorhynchus mated, whether on land or at sea, is currently unknown. The name Metriorhynchus means "Moderate snout", and is derived from the Greek Metrio- ("moderate") and -rhynchos ("snout") (moderate snout).

In popular culture[]

  1. Metriorhynchus has featured in the Jurassic episode of the BBC television series Sea Monsters.
  2. A Metriorhynchus had a cameo in the opening scene going to eat a Crassigyrinus in the 1988 movie The Land Before Time.
  3. Metriorhynchus can be received from the DNA Rescue and can then be created in the Aquatic Park in the game Jurassic Park Builder.
  4. Metriorhynchus can be created in Jurassic World: The Game as a super rare amphibian even though it is a sea crocodile. In reality, Metriorhynchus had fins and stayed in the water unlike in the game which can be on land and had fresh water crocodyliform-like legs. The real Metriorhynchus also removed the classic osteoderms for better mobility in the water, while the game's Metriorhynchus has the osteoderms.