Messel pit[]

The Messel pit is a quarry near the village Messel.

many fossils have been found there.



Darwinius masillae, identified in 2009 as an adapiform primate
Kopidodon, an extinct arboreal mammal
Leptictidium, an extinct omnivorous hopping mammal
Propalaeotherium, an early relative of horses
Ailuravus, a rodent
Peradectes, a metatherian
Palaeochiropteryx, a bat
Lesmesodon, a small hyaenodontid
Eomanis, an early pangolin
Eurotamandua, a scaleless, anteater-like pangolin
Europolemur, a primate
Paroodectes, an early carnivorous mammal
Pholidocercus, an early hedgehog
Macrocranion, an early long-tailed hedgehog
Masillamys, an early rodent
Messelobunodon, an early artiodactyl
Godinotia, an early primate
Buxolestes, a semiaquatic, otter-like cimolestan


Palaeotis, an early struthionid
Strigogyps sapea (formerly Aenigmavis) a cariamiform
Messelornis, the Messel-bird
Masillastega, a freshwater sulid
Lapillavis, a possible trogonid relative
Cypseloramphus, a basal apodiform
The Messelasturidae (Messelastur and Tynskya)
Palaeoglaux, an early owl 
Paraprefica, an early potoo
Paraortygoides, a galliform[9]
Masillaraptor, an early falconiform
Parargornis, an early apodiform
Messelirrisor, a tiny bucerotiform
Selmes (an anagram of "Messel"), a mousebird 
Gastornis (formerly Diatryma), a large, flightless anseriform
Hassiavis,[10] a member of Cypselomorphae
Quasisyndactylus,[10] a member of Alcediniformes
Valonimicola, a possible charadriiform[11]
A currently unnamed lithornithid, a sandpiper-like paleognath,


Asiatosuchus, a large crocodile
Diplocynodon, an alligator
Hassiacosuchus, a  crocodile
Palaeopython, a snake
Cryptolacerta, a lizard
Geiseltaliellus, a lizard
Allaeochelys crassesculpta, turtles


A bowfin, variously described as Amia (the modern genus) or Cyclurus
Amphiperca, an early perch
Palaeoperca, another early perch
Atractosteus, a gar


Titanomyrma gigantea
Titanomyrma simillima