Temporal range: Late Carboniferous
Scientific classification

Meganeura (meaning 'large-nerved') is a genus od large Dragonfly with a 75 centimetre wingspan, and it lived in the Late Carboniferous around 300 million years ago, and became extinct at the turning of the period. In its age, it was the largest of all flying animals, and would rival the birds in size were it alive today. It did not just eat insects and arthropods, like its closest living relative, the dragonfly, as other prey was available, such as the swift Petrolacosaurus. Its legs were covered in spines and, with the help of its 'tail limbs', could grasp very effectively at this prey. Meganeura probably later evolved into the slightly smaller Meganeuropsis.


In Popular Culture

  • In Prehistoric Park, Nigel Marven attempts to capture one of the Meganeura as to transport it back to the park to study it in the insect house.
  • Meganeura was mentioned in Giant Monsters with Jeff Corwin.
  • Meganeura appeared in the video game Jurassic Park III: Park Builder.
  • Meganeura appeared in Jurassic Park Amiga game version.
  • Meganeura appeared on Dinosaur Train as a silhouette in the episode "Back in Time".
  • Primeval New World.
  • It’s possible it was seen in Terra Nova.



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