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An artist's illustration of Megacerops
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Perissodactyla
Family: Brontotheriidae
Genus: Megacerops
Leidy, 1870
Type species
Megacerops coloradensis
Referred species
  • Megacerops coloradensis
  • Megacerops curtus
  • Megacerops hatcheri
  • Megacerops kuwagatarhinus
  • Megacerops osborni
  • Megacerops platyceras
  • Titanotherium ramosum
  • Menodus peltoceras
  • Brontotherium
  • Brontops
  • Ateleodon
  • Oreinotherium

Megacerops, previously known as Brontotherium and Brontops, is a large brontothere from Late Eocene North America. It is a member of the Brontotheriidae, a prehistoric odd-toed ungulate family. Although they looked rather like rhinos, they were more closely related to horses.


All of the species had a pair of blunt horns on their snout (the size varying between species), with the horns of males being much larger than those of the females.




In the Media

  • The Megacerops was a common enemy in the Sunstorm game Carnivores: Ice Age under its' junior synonym Brontotherium.
  • In the 2002 film Ice Age, two notable individual species named Carl (voiced by Michael Strahan) and Frank (voiced by Stephen Root) are brontotheres. However, it is only referred to as "rhinos" in the film. The brontotheres shown in Ice Age were two different species: Megacerops (under its' junior synonym Brontotherium) and Embolotherium, which had varying horns, one large, thin, double-pointed horn and one large, flat, double ended horn, respectively.
  • Megacerops was added as a Solid Gold pack Cenozoic savannah on February 9th, 2018 in Jurassic World: The Game under its' junior synonym Brontotherium.
  • Megacerops is a common Cenozoic creature in Jurassic World: Alive under its' junior synonym Brontotherium.
  • Megacerops appears in Dino Dana under its' junior synonym Brontotherium.
  • Megacerops appeared in the documentary series called Paleoworld in the episode "Are Rhinos Dinos?".


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