The Manual of Style is a specific set of guidelines that wiki writers must follow.

Be respectful

It is imperative that you be respectful to other wiki writers and admins

Don't violate pages

Don't violate other people's work.

Use proper grammar

Use proper grammar so that your articles are easy to read

Source Your work

Use references and links to where you find your information. Any pages you find that aren't sourced, please source them.

Accurate Information

When adding or creating an article, please refrain from adding movie, show, or pop-culture depictions of prehistoric creatures in their respective galleries. Stick to scientifically proven information.

No Speculation

Do not add speculation on your personal ideas on a prehistoric creature to one of their respective pages. Only use information from credible sources.

Use Informatuon From Credible Sources

When you're searching for info for a page, please only use credible sources.

No Sexual And/Or Racist Material

DO NOT add any sexual/racist pages, photos, or comments/remarks.

No Self-Harm

Do not add photos of self-harm/and or grotesquely gory material. You may, however, add photos of a mildly gory battle between two prehistoric creatures, or a carnivore consuming another animal

No Spamming

Please don't spam a comment or request over and over.

3 time violation of any of these rules will result in a sudden, and permanent ban.

Have Fun!

One last rule, HAVE FUN!

Oh and maybe learn some stuff in the process ;)

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