Lusotitan atalaiensis by teratophoneus-d3y6wjm
Name Lusotitan
Order Saurischia
Suborder Sauropoda
Class Sauropsida
Name Translation Luso Giant
Period Late Jurassic (152 million years ago)
Location Europe (Portugal)
Diet Plants
Size 25 to 27 meters (82 to 90 feet) long, and 11 metres (36 feet) tall

Lusotitan, is the name given to a genus of dinosaur from the Late Jurassic Period. It was a brachiosaurid sauropod with long forearms, one of the hallmarks of the brachiosaur family. Its fossils were found in the Lourinhã Formation, in Portugal, dating to the Tithonian stage of the Late Jurassic.

A partial skeleton was uncovered in Portugal in 1957; it is estimated that Lusotitan was 25 meters (82 feet) long. No skull has yet been found, but it would fit the typical brachiosaurid pattern with very high and open nostrils and spoon-shaped teeth. The type species is Lusotitan atalaiensis. Originally described as Brachiosaurus atalaiensis by Lapparent and Zbszewski in 1957, it was reclassified in 2003.

In popular culture[]

  • Lusotitanhad a small role in Dinosaur Revolution, where a migrating herd appears walking behind another migrating herd of Dinheirosaurus. Another herd then arrives at a water hole and drinks all of the remaining water, forcing the other dinosaurs to leave the area.
  • This dinosaur makes an appearance in the Roblox game called "Dinosaur Simulator" as a playable herbivore dinosaur being known as a "tank" due to its high health stat.