A-cat-with-its-mouth-open-an-artist-s-rendering-of-lingwulong-shenqi 739112
Name Lingwulong
Order Ornithischia
Suborder Dicraeosauridae
Class Sauropoda
Period Early or Middle Jurassic (174 mya)
Location China
Diet Herbivore
Date of Discovery Before 2018

Lingwulong is a genus of dicraeosaurid sauropod dinosaur from the Early or Middle Jurassic Yanan Formation in Ningxia Hui, China. The type and only species is L. shengi, known from several partial skeletons. It is the earliest aged neosauropod ever discovered, as well as the only definite diplodocoid from east Asia. Its exact age is uncertain, but it lived between the late Toarcian and Bajocian ages, with an average age of 174 Ma.[1]


Unlike other diplodocoids, which have square-shaped snouts, Lingwulong had a U-shaped snout.[1]


Diplodocoids were long thought to have been absent from East Asia due to the presence of the Turgai Sea, and the East Asian Isolation Hypothesis was used to explain the presence of mamenchisaurids in East Asia but not elsewhere in the world. The discovery of Lingwulong casts doubt on these paleobiogeographical assumptions by showing that diplodocoids were present in East Asia early in the Jurassic.[1]

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