Temporal range: Late Cretaceous
An artist's interpretation of Kaprosuchus saharicus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Superorder: Crocodylomorpha
Family: †Mahajangasuchidae
Genus: Kaprosuchus
Sereno & Larsson, 2009
Binomial name
Kaprosuchus saharicus
Sereno & Larsson, 2009

Kaprosuchus (Greek, "boar crocodile") is a genus of large mahajangasuchid crocodyliform from Aptian stage Niger. It is known from a single nearly complete skull. It gets its name from its unusually large caniniform teeth which slightly resemble those of a boar.


Kaprosuchus was estimated to grow to a length of 3 meters (10 feet) long. It possesses three sets of large caniniform teeth that stick out above and below its skull, one of which in the lower jaw fits notches in the upper jaw. If not for these notches then its jaw would have been held open permanently by its own teeth. This has not been seen in any other crocodyliform. Kaprosuchus has another feature in which large rugose horns made from squamosal and parietal bones that stick out posteriorly above the skull. This has also been seen its smaller relative Mahajangasuchus, making it greatly differ from most other crocodyliforms.

Contrary to popular belief, Kaprosuchus has no evidence of long, canine-like legs, and was spread through online memes instead. Based on relatives it can be assessed that Kaprosuchus had normal crocodilyform legs. Its unique jaw structure and head shape would have allowed it to deal more devastating damage to prey it caught.

In Popular Culture[]

  • Kaprosuchus appeared in National Geographic's When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs. The same Kaprosuchus was briefly seen in another National Geographic Documentary Dinomorphosis.
  • Kaprosuchus was also in Two Episodes of the Fourth & Fifth Seasons of Primeval. Here it was shown with tusks growing out of the sides of its mouth, and being able to swim in water during the winter, which should have killed or severely weakened a cold blooded animal.
  • Kaprosuchus appeared in all of the Jurassic Park Ludia games Jurassic Park: Builder, Jurassic World: Alive & Jurassic World: The Game. In JP: Builder, it lives in the glacier park, which should have killed a cold blooded animal like it.
  • Kaprosuchus is a dangerous swamp predator in ARK: Survival Evolved.