Jurassic Park is a popular fictional novel movie written by Michael Crichton about a theme park where dinosaurs were brought back to life by means of cloning. Due to its popularity Michael Chrichton created a sequel titled "The Lost World" and Steven Speilberg produced the movie adpation, Joe Johnson produced the third movie and a forth coming soon, from the original book, but Spielberg greatly changed the plots.


The book and movie versions of Jurassic park contained different dinosaurs. The original novel of Jurassic Park contained Tyrannosaurs, Maiasaurs, Stegosaurs, Triceratops, Procompsognathids, Othnielia, Velociraptor, Apatosaurs, Hadrosaurs, Dilophosaurs, Pterosaurs, Hypsilophodontids, Euoplocephalids, Styracosaurs, and Microceratops. The only fictional characteristics Chrichton added to dinosaurs was the spitting ability for Dilophosaurs and the Procompsognathids diet containing mostly feces. The movie versions of Jurassic Park contained Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Ankylosaurs, Gallimimus, Velociraptors, Compsognathids (a shortened name for Procompsognathids), Brachiosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Dilophosaurs, Pterosaurs, Spinosaurus, and most likely more to be revealed upon the release of the fourth Jurassic Park movie.


  • It should be said that, because of the Frog DNA the Dinosaur Genes are spliced into in the film, technically they are not true dinosaurs. The spitting Dilophosaurus could have developed Poison Glands from various Reptiles and Amphibians where the DNA Came from.
  • Tyrannosaurus is shown in the 3rd Film as a Scavenger. It is one of (if not the only) dinosaur film to show this. This was also placed in because Jack Horner, the Scientific Advisor, believed that Tyrannosaurus was a scavenger, however, in the 2005 british documentary, The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus was proved to be able to actively hunt prey, due to the bite marks on the Triceratops. A third of the horn was bitten off, and in ine part of its body, a bite from the Tyrannosaurus had healed, forming a ridge shape. The fight was also innacurate because of the fact that the neck bite the T.rex performed would have been fatal before the Spinosaurus could have attempted to kill the Tyrannosaurus.
  • A lot of the dinosaurs display various size innaccuracies, such as Velociraptor being much larger than they really are, as well they lack feathers, and Spinosaurus being a bit smaller but a lot more robust then it was. The Dilophosaurus is believed to be bigger as well, though it could possible that the one seen in the 1st film is just a juvenile.

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