Judinornis (meaning Yudin's bird) is a Hesperornithine from late Cretaceous Mongolia.  Incompletely known.  Apparently lived in freshwater.

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Judinornis, like most Hesperornithes, would have had teeth in its beak (much unlike modern birds) and feet with fleshy lobes to propel it through the water. It is believed to be one of the more basal members of the group.


Being one of the more basal members of their group, it is not yet placed in a specific family. Judinornis currently includes one species; J. nogontsavensis. The genus was first named in 1983.


The Nemegt formation does not have any marine sediments in it, indicating that Judinornis was a freshwater bird. Judinornis would’ve coexisted with large theropods such as Tarbosaurus, Deinocheirus, and Therizinosaurus. Along with large theropods were herbivores such as Nemegtosaurus and Tarchia.