Jaxartosaurus alarensis
Name Jaxartosaurus alarensis
Order Ornithischia
Class Sauropsida
Name Translation Jaxartes River Lizard
Period Late Cretaceous
Location Kazakhstan and China
Diet Plants
Size 30 feet (9 metres)

Jaxartosaurus (meaning "Jaxartes River lizard") is a genus of hadrosaurid dinosaur similar to Corythosaurus which lived during the Late Cretaceous. Its fossils were found in Kazakhstan and China. It had a large, helmet-like crest that it may have used for visual identification, or to vocalize with members of the same herd.

The type species, J. aralensis, was first described by Anatoly Nickolaenvich Riabinin in 1937. A second species, J. fuyunensis, was described by Weishampel and Horner in 1990, but is of dubious differentiation.

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