Hypacrosaurus is a Lambeosaurine hadrosaur from late Cretaceous Alberta, Canada and Montana, USA. It was about 32.8 feet (10 meters) long and weighed about as much as a rhino. Known from eggs and nests, juveniles through adults, and whole herds. On March 2020, paleontologists have found DNA and protein well preserved in the 75 million year old Hypacrosaurus skull.


Hypacrosaurus is most easily distinguished from other hollow-crested duckbills (Lambeosaurines) by its tall neutral spines and the form of its crest.

Discovery and history

The type remains of Hypacrosaurus remains were collected in 1910 by Barnum Brown for the American Museum of Natural History.





In popular culture

  • One of the Hypacrosaurus made some appearances in one of The Land Before Time Movies.
  • A family of Hypacrosaurus was in Discovery Channel's Documentary Dino Lab II.
  • Hypacrosaurus was probably originally planned to appear in the 2000 Disney Film Dinosaur.



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