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Scientific classification

Hydrorion (meaning 'water hunter') is an extinct genus of plesiosaur. It was found in Jurassic formations in Germany. The only species is Hydrorion brachypterygius.

PaleoDB taxon number: 150184

Full reference: F. Grossmann. 2007. The taxonomic and phylogenetic position of the Plesiosauroidea from the Lower Jurassic Posidonia Shale of south-west Germany. Palaeontology 50(3):545-564

Parent taxon: Plesiosauridae according to H. F. Ketchum and R. B. J. Benson 2010

Sister taxa: LusonectesPlesiosaurus neogaeusTermatosaurusThaumatosaurus

Subtaxa: none

Ecology: aquatic carnivore


  1. Ketchum HF, Benson RBJ. Global interrelationships of Plesiosaur (Reptilia, Sauropterygia) and the pivotal role of taxon sampling in determining the outcome of phylogenetic analyses. Biological Reviews.

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